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Chicken Wing Leg Grill Rack Grill Stainless Steel Roaster Stand



This grill rack is made of stainless steel. The drip tray makes this BBQ accessory perfect for BBQing small items like hot wings, vegetables on a stick, and shish kabobs. A little cleanup and helps prevent fires from the grease dripping down onto the burners.


  • This chicken leg holder is made of high-quality stainless steel, safe and durable. Also dishwasher safe. The concave and convex design of the shelf makes it easier to handle the food and ensures that the food placed on it cannot easily fall.
  • chicken thigh holder Holds up to 12 chicken legs. This way you can prepare large quantities of chicken drumsticks for the whole family and you do not have to worry about long waits at the grill!
  • Chicken thigh holder can evenly heat the chicken thighs during the grilling process so that the oil drips instead of collecting on the chicken thighs. This makes the meat crispy on the outside and extremely tender and juicy on the inside.
  • The drip pan prevents the juice from dripping onto the smolder or the heat deflector of the smoker but also cooks the vegetables in the juice of the grill.
  • The rack holds 12 chicken legs using a small amount of space. And very easy to fold and can therefore be easily placed in the high-quality drip tray. Great for barbecue, picnic.


Tool Type: Tool Sets
Feature: Easily Cleaned
Material: Metal
Kit Number: 2
Type: Tools
Storage Box: Organizers
Bathroom Organizer: Makeup Storage
Home Accessories: Home Office
Organizador: Plastic Box
Kitchen Storage: Storage Basket
Shelf: Kitchen Accessories Organizer
Makeup Box: Organizer For Cosmetics
Organizer Box: Storage Box