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BBQ Grill Cleaning Brick Barbecue Block Cleaning Stone Brush 2PCs



These BBQ grill bricks are made of 100% ecological material that is odorless and nontoxic. These bricks do not absorb the grease and gunk and safe for people, animals, plants, and water. It won’t scratch your ceramic tile and metal. These cleaning bricks are your safe solution.


  • Upgraded version magic stone cleaning brick is made out of safe pumice stone materials, effectively without harsh chemicals or abrasives. Each stone comes individually wrapped and the weight of the new version grill cleaning brick is about 70-85g each one.
  • Easy to use and keep your grill scratch-free, unlike cleaning your grill with a wire brush, this brick made of pumice stone will not scratch the surface of your grill. Only light pressure is needed to easily remove grease, residue, and caked-on carbon without damaging an anti-stick surface when cleaning your grill.
  • Reusable stone-like abrasive slowly wears down. It does not absorb grease or odor and exposes a new sanitary surface for each use so that you can use each block many times.
  • Whether you are a professional cook, restaurant, manager, or just someone who loves their BBQ this is the best way to clean your backyard grill, outdoor stove cooker, cast iron tops, grill pans, griddles, and grills grates.
  • Healthy grill-Pumice blocks keep your grill free from harmful bacteria attracted by food particles. all-natural cleaner safe around kids and pets.


  • Tool Type: Barbecue cleaning stone
  • Feature: Easily Cleaned
  • Feature: Non-Stick
  • Material: Foam glass
  • Kit Number: 2
  • Finishing: Stone
  • For The Number: 1
  • Model Number: Barbecue Clean Brick
  • Type: Tools
  • Includes: 1 / 2 PCS Cleaning Stone